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Posted in Biography by readingspeed on October 16, 2009

Ernest Riveras Tobia

J H Haynes & Co Ltd ISBN 1-84425-702-7

Initial impressions were not favourable. “My Story So Far” is the laziest possible title for a sporting personality’s biography and surrounds us with the tangy reek of an opportunistic and greedy boilerplate cash-in. The prosecution calls “Freddie” Flintoff, Wayne Rooney and Paula Radcliffe as witnesses. In Lorenzo’s case the crime is compounded by the fact that the Spanish, and original version, of this book had the original, evocative and almost poetic title Por Fuera Desde DentroAround The Outside From The Inside.

We also have to recognise that it take a certain type of person to consider that there is value to be offered in a biography published, and presumably written somewhat earlier, when one is 21 years of age. Even Valentino Rossi, himself not a model of rectitude or modesty, waited until he was 27 before releasing his book – What If I Hadn’t Been Such An Insufferable Narcissist? So, before we even crack the cover this volume has two black marks against and, painful as it is to report, it’s all downhill from there.

The book is simply an assortment of vignettes from Lorenzo’s short but eventful life arranged in apparently random order and sporadically garnished with Jorge’s pseudo-intellectual musings on a variety of philosophical subjects. This format could work well for an appropriate subject but for a poorly educated 21 year old whose cultural frame of reference is bounded by the Playstation Network and Facebook it is, in this instance, largely crass and irrelevant.

It is redeemed in the slightest by degree by giving us some insight into Lorenzo’s character; for example his unconsummated straight-on-straight bromance with Alex Debón is presented in heretofore undocumented detail. Beyond this there is very little insight and Lorenzo’s habit of submitting totally to a strong personality then having an acrimonious and lasting disagreement about money is illustrated in only the most coy terms possible.

RS Rating: 1/10


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